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 Nous sommes la perfection.

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Adeline Tamryn
Adeline Tamryn

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Nous sommes la perfection. Empty
PostSubject: Nous sommes la perfection.   Nous sommes la perfection. Icon_minitimeSun 31 Aug 2008, 1:51 am

Wavy golden-blond hair flows down her back, almost the exact shade of her sparkling golden blouse, accented by her flowing white skirt, which extends to her ankles, which are wrapped in strappy golden high heels. Her skin is pale, beautifully smooth, but not luminescent. Her beautiful eyes glisten with joy as she turns her head up to look into her boyfriend's eyes through her elegant golden mask.

He looked down at her with the same soft expression. His short, spiked hair is the color of redwood, smoothed down with a light layer of gel, spiked in the front. His tall figure takes up the entire door frame vertically, but his gentle, lean body leaned easily against it. A white dress shirt covers his upper half, the top two buttons left undone to create a casual effect, showing a sliver of his own skin, while stylish black slacks wrap around his legs and waist, treading down to his black shoes. He looks over the room through his simple black mask. "Hello," he says, his voice smooth and warm, "my name is Beoru Tamryn."

The girl looks away shyly. "I am Adeline Kale," she says softly.

"We are looking forward to the masquerade, aren't we dear?" Beoru bends down to kiss Adeline's cheek.

She blushes heavily. "Yes, we are," she says as she smiles and dips her head down to hide the deep shade of pink in her face.
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Nous sommes la perfection.
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